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Sunday 12 July 2015

MUSIC: LayLizzy - Tha Crew (Prod. Ellputo & Fly)

How do you feel? Do you feel like a million bucks? Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. A lot of Hip-hop/Rap music fans and supporters express themselves through the lyrics of Hip-hop/Rap music and this time, the Geobek Records talented Hip-hop/Rap artist, producer and songwriter formerly known as Lay Low now Laylizzy, makes a major move with a hot single “Tha Crew” that will definitely get you addicted like an alcoholic this season.

“Tha Crew” is a song about a crew of hard working, young talents who are proud of themselves as a successful team with a bright future ahead of them, it is a new anthem for all the crew of friends and colleagues aspiring big dreams and working hard together to make it happen. The striking words on the hook, “How do you feel? I feel like a million bucks” set the bar high as that’s exactly what one should expect, a million bucks worth lifestyle. “Tha Crew” was conceptualized by a crew of creatives from Mozambique lending their voices to inspire young African creatives,Laylizzy on the rap, Djimetta and Exodus on the background vocals, Fly and the multi award winning producer, Ellputo on the production.

Laylizzy is known for several hits where his unique flow and rhymes have done nothing short of amazing throughout his career as a hip hop artist and it is no doubt thatthis official single from Geobek Records first Hip Hop/Rap artist will leave you feeling like a ‘million bucks’.

What distinguishes Laylizzy from all other hip hop artists is his unique and versatile manner of delivery when it comes to his creative expression on different styles of music and his overall experience in musical performance.

Let us know how you feel after listening to “Tha Crew”by sharing your crew experience with Laylizzy withthe hash tag#LthaCrew:

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