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Monday 27 July 2015

VIDEO: Jamall Bufford + Kensaye: "Freedom Is" MINI DOC [Part 1]

My name is Kensaye. I am a French producer and DJ based in London, UK. I host a weekly radio show on Ness Radio.

My album with Jamall Bufford, "Freedom is", will be released tomorrow (28th). I'm really excited to share it with you as it's truly my best work so far.

I'm a fan of Jamall Bufford and invited him on my radio show to geek out, but never would I have imagined producing an entire album with him! 

This album is, as the name suggests, about freedom. It's not only a statement but also an exploration of freedom's complexity, as well as a question aimed at engaging the listener and provoking thought. 

Here's a little promo vid premiered on 2DopeBoyz: 

It was filmed in between Michigan and London. 

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