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Monday, 30 November 2015

MUSIC VIDEO: Afrikan Boy - Border Business

My song ”Eje Aiye” Which means ‘Life Blood or the Blood of life” in Yoruba is inspired by the 3 main functions of blood: Protect, Repair & Transport. I had the opportunity to talk with patients needing regular blood transfusions to get an idea of what blood meant to their unique lives. I am very proud of this piece of sonic art. It will forever remind me of this important component in my Body of Songs. ”

Lastly for those who wish to catch me playing LIVE in London next week here’s your chance. 

December 4th at Oval House 
This show is part of Panic! What Happened to Social Mobility in the Arts? - a series of music, film and debate highlighting issues surrounding access to the arts. To see the full programme visit CLICK HERE!

A special discount code is available so hurry! Simply enter 051215 in the ‘promotional code’ box at checkout and click ‘activate discount’ to get £15 tickets.

Afrikan Boy

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