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Thursday, 30 June 2016

MUSIC: Lovestarrs - Somebody Like You

Released via indie label DEFDISCO (Public Enemy, Bella Loka, Ish D), the track is a gorgeous mash-up of electro beats, swirling synths, and bubblegum textures. The duo – Hamish and Sarah McIntosh (formerly of The Good Natured) – are continuing to make leaps and bounds forward following a succesful kickstart campaign. Premiered at Indie Shuffle, ‘Somebody Like You’ is lyrically intimate but musically playful, and arguably the pair’s best track to date.

While dressed in a poppy and dazzling aesthetic, the new single holds a very emotional and personal place in lead singer Sarah’s heart. As she puts it herself, ‘Somebody Like You’ is about “about falling for your best friend, who is unfortunately taken. On one hand, you are happy that your friend has found love, but on the other, you are bitterly sad it’s not with you. It’s about wanting to find somebody who has all of their qualities”.