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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

MUSIC: Radical77 - My Number 1 & About '77 (DOUBLE ALBUM) Available on ITUNES.

The wait is offer! Radical77 has released not only one but two albums "My Number 1" and "About 77".

The albums are a vivacious mix of Radical77's classic sounds. The sounds are rich and exciting, a great infusion of various genres with something for everyone. The albums unveils the enigma that is Radical77; they showcase the many layers that make Radical77 unique. These albums together display a beautiful marriage of Radical77 the rapper, the singer, the lyricist and wordsmith. Radical77 is a trend setter who truly prays like a priest and plays like a king.

Listen to My Number 1 by Radical77 on @AppleMusic.

Listen to About '77 by Radical77 on @AppleMusic.