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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

NEWS: fabric London Will be Reopening

After closing its doors in September due to a string of drug-related fatalities within its premises, new reports indicate that fabric London will be indeed reopening in the near future. According Islington Gazette, lawyers from both Islington Council and the Metropolitan police have agreed on new licensing conditions with much stricter drug use counteraction measures which could permit the legendary venue from operating once again. Some of the notable enforcements for the venue will include ID scanners, a CCTV controller and the presence of a new welfare team. The 250 staff members will also receive drug awareness training while anyone under the age of 19 will not be allowed entry. Additionally those found in possession of illicit substances will be banned from the club for life. The joint statement outlining the new licensing measures can be found below.

“In light of Fabric’s acceptance that there have been failings, and given the commitment that its directors and management have shown by their development of the Operations Manual and acceptance of these new conditions, the Authority is now satisfied that the statutory licensing objectives may be met short of the revocation of the Premises Licence. It is for these reasons that it has decided not to oppose Fabric’s appeal. Fabric Life will pay Islington’s costs in these proceedings directly and not from the monies pledged by supporters. For its part, Fabric understands and accepts that the additional conditions it has agreed to are meaningless unless operational practices ensure each of them is complied with. Its directors and management remain committed to ensuring compliance. They are committed to ensuring the safety of their patrons. Fabric will not re-open until they believe they can comply with their new conditions.”:  SOURCE