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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

ENTERTAINMENT NEWS: Davido Accuses Ex Manager Kamal Ajiboye Of Using Voodoo

Davido’s hype man Special Spesh pointed fingers at Kamal Ajiboye for using diabolical means to bewitch Davido and his entire team. Spesh who is known for being very vocal on social media made the accusations on his SnapChat. To add credence to the allegations, Davido admitted his team felt so good about Kamal’s sack.

“Why is everybody so happy that nigga gone lmao. The list of ppl saying Thank God is too long!!” the singer shared on his social media, adding, “Don’t step on toes while ur up cus ull never know when your time would be up.”

It was a bit of a shocker some days back when Davido fired Kamal Ajiboye his manager and decried his chase of international fame.

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