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Thursday 23 March 2017


HALFBROTHER, the duo made up of Murkage Dave and Patrick Scally have unveiled their new track ‘Love Letter’. Written and produced by the duo and premiered on The Independent, the track is the follow-up to their debut single ‘Go Tell The Mandem’ which i-D described as ‘quietly profound’ and ‘remarkably lucid’.

Forming after collaborating on ‘Car Bomb’ - which became a cult hit last year and culminated in support from Pharrell Williams on his Beats 1 radio show - HALFBROTHER have been steadily making their mark with their genre defying sounds and thought-provoking observations on identity and challenging social norms and roles, catching the attention of outlets such as DIY, Earmilk and Mass Appeal along the way. They bring their debut performance to The Old Blue Last on Saturday April 1st as the main opening act for JOHN GRVY.

“It's your birthday today. I thought it was yesterday but at least that's the right way round to get it wrong. I can't believe you're going away but I guess we’ve had the window open long enough now.

So here I am sat at your party feeling more awkward and old than ever. And all your friends know me but they don’t know me so i guess it’s on me to get the Spritz’s in.

It’s calm though. You cooked for man when i was sleeping on floors. Came to meet me in next cities off the strength of a text. Visited in the hospital when i was effed up.

And what did i ever do for you? Apart from swerve & bullshit when it was convenient.

So i wrote you a letter. Because that’s what cowards do. I hope it gets to you, and I hope it manages to say all the shit that i couldn’t ever say to your face.

Remember the first time we fucked? We went for food the morning after. And I just remember looking up at the board for what to order, feeling like the coolest n***a on the planet cos i was with you.”

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