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Friday, 4 August 2017


What better way is there to begin a new month than by embracing new music by the gorgeous, talented Mozambican born, South African based songstress Shellsy Baronet? As a start to the new month drawing closer to Spring, Shellsy Baronet releases a new single, “Muita Areia” which simply means “A lot of sand.” When asked about the title and concept of the song, Shellsy explains, “A lot of sand” is a way of saying, “She’s just too much for you” or in other cases, “You’re just too much for him.” The person who wants to be with you would have to dig deeper through all that sand just to get to you and that’s how it should always be.” She adds, “Women should never be easy to get to or to replace. Ladies, this one is for you. No matter who, where or how, just remember to always keep your sand.”

 Muita Areia 

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