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Thursday, 30 August 2018


With Afrobeats being the sound for summer 2018, Mista Silva continues to bring energy & life to an already heated summer having been Tipped by Notion magazine as one of the artists topping your summer playlist and sure to that statement Naomi Campbell's recently added Mista Silva to her vogue Top Ten Afrobeats Artist Playlist.

So in true Silva style the 3 time MOBO nominee brings us another single off his mixtape ‘out of the darkest’ titled ‘Tic Tall’ an expression used in Ghana, West Africa to describe a person of height, width & strength, so with that being said Mista Silva describes the track as metaphor by saying the term ‘Tic Tall’ describes his musical career as one of longevity & strength, however, the track also expresses high energy and an infectious chorus which will have you turning up the volume & moving your body to the rhythm.

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