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Monday 10 September 2018

Benita - Interview / (Final session for Jidenna) @BenitaOnuelu

“JIDENNA”. is an Afro-contemporary ballad fusing the “Igbo” dialect (a Nigerian language) with Pidgeon-English (a Nigerian form of broken-English.)

The song was written and arranged by Benit Onuelu and produced in the UK by Emmanuel "Manny" Abiola-Jacob. 

The song describes the beauty of love and the magic of finding and connecting to another soul and that experience.

Her singing style draws its influences from Jazz, RnB and Afro-Soul fused with contemporary Orchestral arrangements creating a whole new experience to the current global Afro-music invasion! "The music channel dedicated to the Music from all over the World, but with a special focus on african one.

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