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Saturday 9 May 2020

MUSIC VIDEO: JUDEWORLDSTAR - HEAL THE LAND. (Video Director; Ayò Òjó) #hope #healing #love

For the first time in modern history the entire world is in LOCKDOWN. We have been waiting for this virus to pass but nothing seems to be working. The pandemic has replaced the usual peaceful space of our global health with chaos, fear, and grief. We are not only faced with the growing number of Coronavirus deaths within our neighborhoods but hunger, starvation and other illnesses are making the headlines on a daily basis.

Watching all of this play out and seeing people fears and desperation come out in unthinkable ways has brought about a sober moment to the creator of this piece. David Omokagbor AKA @beatzbyjava out of the pains and distress from this pandemic found the courage to look to a brighter future. Using the little way in which he can to reach out to people by creating not just a sound but a movement that enables the world see that better days are ahead. He has stressed that sound itself is a physical thing that has the power to touch people's soul and bring change in the most beautiful way.

As music and musical performances shared on social media continue to unite the world during this CoVID 19 Pandemic BeatzbyJava hopes this song will fall into the category of World Music having a global reach, beyond races, creed or orientation. Uniting everyone in Harmony.

Clearly, we have dwelt enough on the negatives from this pandemic. Undoubtedly all of these uncertainties can lead to a shaking of our inner peace and a bring about a dent to our mental health and total wellness.

It behoves everyone; you and I, to begin to position ourselves aright and train our minds to envision a better, brighter and more promising future (post-pandemic).

Here is presenting HEAL THE LAND 

“We gon sing loud… this song of victory”

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