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Saturday 27 June 2020

MUSIC: ME NYAME - Ashlee Glam

Ashlee Glam, whose birth name is Ashley Ackun is a Ghanaian, born and raised in Switzerland. 

This song titled "Me Nyame" represents a reconnection to her African heritage; exploring the beauty in her homeland and mother tongue.

“Me Nyame” means “My God” in Twi, a dialect of the Akan language spoken in Ghana. 

This single speaks of her days as a teenager and how her life then reflected feelings of loneliness and sadness, as a result of circumstances not under her control.

Though her mind was filled with dark thoughts, the day she encountered the love of Christ, she was made free and was completely liberated. 

In this song, she testifies of God's goodness & faithfulness as she expresses her gratitude to the one who embodies the greatest form of love.

June 25th, 2020 marks exactly one year since the video was shot in Ghana by Lawrence Omo-Iyare.

May this song strengthen your faith. 

Through the fires and the waters of life, never give up, for God is always with you. Learn to trust Him in all circumstances!

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