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Monday 24 August 2020

NEWS: While ‘Messing’ With Wema Bank, Rema Gets Offer From the Bank

What is the difference between ‘Rema’ and ‘Wema’?. R and W right?!

So Mavin rave singer decided to mess with the bank’s name in a photo. The Woman singer took out the ‘W’ and replaced with ‘R’ to read ‘Rema Bank’.

The bank got hold of the picture and decided to offer the singer a tour of the bank. However they made it clear to the singer how hard they have worked for that name.

They went ahead to encourage the young singer to continue doing his best and he too can be ‘twice as tall’.

“That W took us 75yrs to build. Keep dropping those bangers and you too can be twice as tall. Down for a tour?,” the bank responded to the edited picture.

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