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Saturday 5 September 2020

NEWS: Drake eating pasta out of his Spotify 1 billion streams plaque.


US based Canadian rapper, Drake recently got a plaque from Spotify for achieving 1 billion streams for his single, In My Feelings. And to celebrate the feat, the rapper shared a video of himself using the plaque as a tray for his plate of pasta.

To celebrate his feat, Drake opted against the fanfair and instead sat down as his palacious mansion for a meal.

What better way to enjoy a spaghetti dinner than to use his brand new plaque as a tray? It seems as if Drake is adding on to food-related celebratory tradition because if you remember, back in 2013, he enjoyed a drink out of his Grammy award.

It was then that Drizzy was awarded with a Grammy for Best Rap Album for Take Care, and once the trophy arrived, he couldn’t help but take a swig out of his award. Check out Drake and his spaghetti celebration below.

“We drank out of Grammys now you need a BILL to eat off the plate🍴🍝 @spotify,” he wrote, and while some trolls think this was mad corny, others laughed along and celebrated with him.

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