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Monday 21 December 2020



“I’m tryna get paid no Zanco, cash money no bando”

L2R (abbrev. London to Reading) are back again with ‘Zanco’, their 5th release from their debut EP ‘In Da Function’, and follow up to their last single ‘Badda Boom’.

‘Zanco’ (meaning an old skool mobile phone), is an Afrowave fusion of Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Afrobeat melodies. Accompanied by melodic catchy verses over a vibrant bumpy beat and flute driven chorus section, that will probably catch you subconsciously singing the curiously infectious and chorus hook again and again after just a couple spins; “I’m tryna get paid no Zanco, cash money no bando”.

L2R recently won the final of #HardestBarsTalent show which is run by Joey Clipstar (General Manager of Link Up TV, one of the UK’s biggest YouTube music channels), gaining lots of new followers in the process.

Having drummed up support from Radio DJ’s across the UK and around the globe, L2R continue to build a loyal army of listeners/followers with each release.

Background: The group met in university and forged a strong friendship through their mutual love for music, common interests and goals and alike energy. After working on solo careers/projects, Jajii, Childish and H Boogz decided to collaborate on a joint track, titled "Ready or Nah." The track was aired on the popular UK YouTube channel GRM Daily in April 2018.

This milestone in their career prompted the guys to spend the next 12 months in the lab, gelling together creatively and recording their collaborative debut project which they're ready to unleash to the globe.

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