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Thursday 8 July 2021

MUSIC: YAS delivers 'PURPLE' EP, features singles 'IDEA OF YOU' and 'FOOL AROUND'. @yasmeenxmusic



Today, the exciting singer, songwriter, instrumentalist and producer YAS releases her brand new EP ‘PURPLE’ – comprising the sublime and sultry R&B cuts ‘IDEA OF YOU’ and ‘FOOL AROUND’.

Forming the third instalment of her captivating COLORS EP series which kicked off with ‘RED’ and ‘BLUE’ earlier this year, with each conveying a different emotion and sound from dark pop to breath-taking ballads incorporating acoustic elements, ‘PURPLE’ demonstrates the naivete that can be invoked when consumed with desire. Sonically, the hypnotic ‘IDEA OF YOU’ and addictive duet ‘FOOL AROUND’ draw on YAS’ enduring love of 90s R&B.

Speaking on ‘PURPLE’, YAS said:

“I got to work with Lophiile from Radiant Children on ‘IDEA OF YOU’, which was a dream. I had first heard his remix of ‘Burn Break Crash’ in 2018 and loved that he was able to find the perfect intersection of mainstream electronic music and R&B. The song is about the vicious cycle of breaking up and getting back together.

‘FOOL AROUND’ is about the time old story of going out with the intentions of getting lucky and locking eyes on your target. My co-writer taylor from earth and I thought it would be interesting if we incorporated the actual dialogue in between two people’s heads during that interaction, and changing the power dynamic so that the woman is in charge. It was originally inspired by the movements of renowned dancer and choreographer, Brian Puspos. We were invited to take part in creating a Reverse Choreography, which was a unique experience because we were making music based on a pre-made dance routine instead of the other way around."

taylor from earth added:

“YAS and I made ‘FOOL AROUND’ completely over Zoom during quarantine. It was the by product of a really fun project that we got to be a part of called Reverse Choreography (shout-out the team over at Steezy). The song that came out ended up being a guitar-driven R&B jam about two star-crossed lovers.”

A classically trained violinist, who is also an expert songwriter, arranger, composer, and producer who has recorded and performed with some of the biggest names in music such as Selena Gomez, A$AP Rocky, Big Sean, Kanye West, NAS, and Shawn Mendes, YAS is an artist set to take the music world by storm. Following the release of her two EPs ‘RED’ and ‘BLUE’ which spawned the tracks ‘LIAR LIAR’, ‘TUCKITIN’, ‘worth it’ and ‘for free’ and now the ‘PURPLE’ EP, YAS is poised to continue her winning streak later this summer with the final instalment of the series ‘YELLOW’, before releasing what will no doubt be her highly anticipated debut COLORS LP later this year.


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