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Saturday 7 August 2021

MUSIC: Afro-Fusion newcomer, Ninety, releases his highly anticipated sophomore single "Somebody."


A little over 90 days since Afro-Fusion newcomer, Alabo Tuonims, a.k.a Ninety, released his debut single ‘Touch & Follow,’ he follows it up with the highly anticipated sophomore, "Somebody." 

The single flaunts Afrobeats in its pure form, possessing a flurry of percussion with sparkly guitar chords and colorful sax overtones. With a slap of saucy Latin-inspired fusions, “Somebody” also embodies a cross-cultural identity that gives it recognition from Kalakuta to the flamboyant carnivals in the Caribbean Islands. Whether you want to salsa or afro-dance to the song with some leg-work, the rhythm accommodates whatever you choose.

As Ninety croons on the track, “[...]Too much liquor in my cup I’m needing some company, I touch road now a couple of baddies got their eyes on me, I form hard guy but deep down somebody needs somebody[...],” listeners can immediately relate to the feeling of wanting someone special to be vulnerable with on this emotionally-conscious dance record. The lyrics of the song address the importance and benefits of having someone to love, have fun with; dance with; and indeed, do life with.

The song’s artwork is reminiscent of a steamy night in the African Shrine, with Ninety surrounded by divine African feminine energy. Produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Telz, the song immediately captivates and inspires all your "dirty-dancing" fantasies in a semi-post-COVID era. 

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