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Saturday 7 August 2021



Really starting to make a name for himself as a one to watch, Snow liberates his latest track ‘Nosey Neighbours’. Partnered with a top visual production filmed straight from his home postcode, we are really witnessing an innovative artist gripping the scene with both hands.

It was a not a matter of if, but when. Following a string of successful releases, Snow recently dropped ‘All That I Got’ which excelled past his previous streams and views, achieving over 250,000 views on Mixtape Madness’s YouTube. He also recorded a ‘Hoods Hottest’ with P110 which showed a different side to Snow’s ability and unorthodox style of rapping, catching a chill vibe with deep bars.

Forming a cohesive and signature sound, Snow continues to convey a strong narrative behind the hardest of bars, on bouncy drill beats. Short and to the point, the beat is made up of several melodic layers, all aurally pleasing. A top audio production which has led to a top vocal performance from the East Londoner, his piercing bars are distributed with such flair.

The capital in the early hours of the morning witnesses Snow’s latest music video, specifically in Hainault, East London. Aerial shots showing London and its night-time glimmer from Snow’s local environment are teamed with shots of Snow and his friends, their liveliness equals the song’s feel. Carrying a new approach to this scene, he provides a narrative alongside the glossy filming scenes to provide context to the ‘Nosey Neighbours’ he has experienced.

Snow is now boasting over half a million YouTube views across his content, and he only started 4 months ago. Outdoing his previous work every time, Snow has got his fans constantly poised for his next signature release.

Snow – Nosey Neighbours [Download/Stream] 

Snow – Nosey Neighbours [Watch]

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