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Friday 5 August 2022

MUSIC: Music artist Reece releases new single and visual 'Be Happy', announces forthcoming album 'IT BOY' (out Sept 16th)


“’No Crying in a Ho Phase’ is the perfect anthem to describe his authentic and fearless approach to artistry and love.” – HYPEBAE

Hot on the heels of an impressive run of singles – including ‘Do Me Dirty’ and ‘No Crying in a Ho Phase’- the rising US Pop artist Reece today releases his brand new single ‘Be Happy’ and announces the upcoming release of his debut album IT BOY (out on September 16th on Platoon).

Moving gears from the self-described ‘kitchen sink pop’ of his last two singles, ‘Be Happy’ taps into raw, honest and contemplative emotions and is accompanied by a simple, yet breathtaking black & white visual which was shot around LA and culminates with a beautiful beach scene which pairs perfectly with Reece’s soaring vocals.

On the new single, Reece says: “I wrote ‘Be Happy’ during a period of intense self-reflection in my life. I feel like as we all age, we find that societal pressures start to increase and I found that succumbing to those pressures made me lose touch with who I truly am and what I truly want out of life. This song is a sort of come to Jesus moment for me, and I wanted the video to match the energy of the song.”

Daring and unafraid of sonically, visually, and lyrically unique choices, Reece channels the passion in his music to mirror nostalgic, relatable moments – creating a magical connection with his audience who can relate through their personal inflections. Reece’s upcoming debut album and follow up to his 2019 EP I’m Not Sure Yet is his most magnetic project to date and is focused on honesty, love, and experience.



Reece is a 26-year old singer-songwriter born in California and raised in Virginia. Self-described as Kitchen Sink Pop, Reece’s fervent, magnetic sound was influenced by his love of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Solange, Frank Ocean, Imogen Heap, and FKA Twigs. With the ethos that life is short and an intense focus on authenticity, Reece explores his own lessons of love, experience, and expectations within his songs allowing the honesty of the lyrics and beat to transform listeners to a place where they are inspired to live the lives they want. Recently signing with Platoon, Reece will release his debut album this summer and can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @reecemusic.


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