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Wednesday 22 March 2023


Africa is renowned for its rich and diverse musical traditions, with a vibrant music scene that has evolved over the years to produce a fusion of contemporary styles like Afrobeats.

Music has played a crucial role in shaping the African continent's identity and connecting its people, and one of the most prominent front-runners of this music scene is Sammyoung.

UK/Dubai-based multifacted creative Sammyoung is a highly regarded Music Producer/Artist and film director from Nigeria, known for his impact in bringing African music to the rest of the world. His music explores a wide range of human emotions, moods, and genres, including party, romance, heartbreak, fun, soulfulness, sadness, and happiness. As a prolific composer, he has created chart-topping hits and captivated audiences with his compelling music.

Sammyoung's music is characterized by a rhythmically enchanting and popular style, with touches of his cultural roots and traditions.

Through his music studio, Sweet Rhythms Studios, Sammyoung has
worked/collaborated with top African/Asian artists like Davido, Mr. Easy, Teni, Meri, Zak Zorro, Barnaba Classic, King Daffy, Abr, Masauti, Nitosh Ghazi, and Emirati rapper SQ (Saqeer Khalid). He has also worked with prominent brands in the music industry, including Remy Martin, Neumann, and Waw Smile.

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Sammyoung is of Urhobo ethnicity and has established himself as one of Africa's most promising and multi talented musicians. 

Nicknamed the "Beat Monster," he has made Africa proud with his global reputation. Sammyoung has provided a platform for numerous aspiring and local musicians through Sweet Rhythms Studio, giving them a chance to showcase their talent at various events in several countries.

Throughout his career, Sammyoung has exhibited his creative resourcefulness at significant stages like the Formula 1 Dubai, Dubai Shopping Festival, All Africa Festival, and Voice Achievers Awards Gala Night (Gambia). He has also successfully organized musical shows in the UK during media tours.

Raised in a family that values righteousness, integrity, and high moral
standards, Sammyoung continues to carry these values and sees them as his greatest source of motivation. He wants to inspire the younger generation to strive for greatness while being morally upright and contributing positively to society. 

As an influential artist with a large fan base, Sammyoung believes in a
balanced life and managing work-life balance.

INSTAGRAM: @sammyoung_official
TWITER: @sammyoung73
FACEBOOK: Sweet Rhythms Studios


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