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Saturday 12 August 2023

Entrepreneur & Author, Tola Onigbanjo, Releases New Book on Amazon. @tolaonigbanjo


Tola Onigbanjo, an esteemed writer known for her expertise in family dynamics and parenting, has released a revised edition of her widely celebrated book, "A Guide to Successful Step-Parenting." This edition, available in both Kindle and paperback formats, is now accessible to a broader audience through the Amazon platform.

Originally published in 2007, "A Guide to Successful Step-Parenting" has empowered countless families in navigating the complexities of blended families and fostering harmonious relationships with stepchildren. Onigbanjo’s latest revision of this thought-provoking guide offers a renewed focus on contemporary challenges, insightful practical advice, and invaluable wisdom for anyone embarking on their journey as a step-parent.

Onigbanjo's ability to provide genuine empathy to step-parents stems from her own experiences. Her unique perspective has allowed her to develop strategies for building strong connections, overcoming obstacles, and fostering positive co-parenting relationship. Through her expert guidance and engaging storytelling, readers gain access to the essential tools and techniques necessary to navigate this intricate parenting territory.

"I am thrilled to release the revised version of 'Steps, A Guide to Successful Step-Parenting' to a wider audience," says Tola Onigbanjo. "My aim has always been to offer step-parents a reassuring resource, filled with helpful insights and practical advice that they can apply in their everyday lives

Tola Onigbanjo’s book promises a transformative journey, offering valuable lessons and empowering step-parents to navigate challenges while providing a nurturing and supportive environment for their stepchildren.




Tola Onigbanjo is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist respected author, specializing in family dynamics and parenting. Having experienced the challenges faced by step-parenting firsthand, Tola is passionate about providing guidance and support to those navigating the complex journey of step-parenting. In her writing, she combines her personal experiences with extensive research to offer practical solutions while fostering positive relationships.

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