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Tuesday 23 October 2018

NEWS: Philadelphia Songwriter Awarded $44M in Suit Over Uncredited Usher Song

Billboard is reporting that a Philadelphia songwriter, Daniel Marino, who claims he was cut out of profits and credit from a song that was recorded by Usher has now been awarded more than $44 million in damages.

According to the media house, the suit targeted the track’s other co-writers and a jury last week awarded the sum to Marino.

William Guice, who was a former co-writer, was ordered to pay Marino $6.75 million in compensatory damages, and $20.25 million in punitive damages.

Also last week Destro Music Productions, owned by co-defendant Dante Barton, agreed to pay Marino $17.35 million. Bringing Marino’s total award to $44.35 million.

This whole messy drama started after Marino noted that he created the hit song, “Club Girl” (later renamed “Bad Girl”, including its guitar hook, tempo and chord progression. But was denied what was due to him.

Now, he has finally won, and fans are happy Usher wasn’t named in the suit.

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