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Monday 22 October 2018

VIDEO: Vote your Future. @JaneMichaelekanem, @oreziworldwide @TiwaSavage, @Bettyharry_ , @iam_Slimcase, @iamMayorkun, @FalztheBahdGuy, @bammybestowed & @Adekunlegold

Young people are Nigeria’s future. As the nation gets ready to elect its President, artists and the youths at large have come together with one voice to hold the leaders accountable. 

It's the actions and decisions of the youths and Nigerians at large that will help shape and move Nigeria forward. Nigeria needs your vote, it cannot fix itself, the only way forward is to vote leaders you can hold accountable.

If we all do it together, nothing is impossible. ONE's new video features @JaneMichaelekanem, @oreziworldwide ,@TiwaSavage, @Bettyharry_ , @iam_Slimcase, @iamMayorkun, @FalztheBahdGuy, @bammybestowed and @Adekunlegold. These artists have set the pace and vote their future, the power is in your hands.

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