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Thursday 12 August 2021



International Dancehall and Afro Fusion star TARELA, releases new single ‘Hold Me Down’. Produced by Giggz, the Caribbean flows through the very heart of his latest joint as sweet vibrations, sun-soaked melodies and reggae instrumentation sets the tone for the beat. Effortlessly skipping between Jamaican patois and soulful English delivery, TARELA creates a heart-filled vibe with sing-along status.


Based in the USA, TARELA’s sound is a refreshing blend that embodies Nigerian Dancehall and Afro-Fusion, winding together the two highly vibrant styles in a unique and audacious manner. His lyrical content uplifts and resonates as he bases it around the themes of romantic declarations, resilience, love, motivation, and celebration of life. Formerly known as Squeeze Tarela, the singer and song-writer has built a catalogue of celebrated music that includes joints such as ‘Hottest Thing’, ‘Better’, ‘Cocoa Butter’, ‘Bend’ and ‘Showers of Blessings’.

Leaning on the theme of love, TARELA explains, “’Hold Me Down’ is the first single off my 5 track EP titled ‘ELECTRIC’ set to drop this summer. The song was produced by Giggz and the strings by Sam Ofori added more life to the song. I simply wanted to portray the importance of the strength of a woman when she is loved and appreciated by her man. "Hold Me Down" is created for everyone who sees the importance of a loyal woman.”

Also known as RecordKilla and Don UberFresh, TARELA’s interpretation of music continues to hit a distinctive sweet spot. Uncategorised and refreshingly fluid in his approach, the beauty of his music lays within the influences of Afrobeats, Dancehall and Pop and the way in which he marries them with his deeply smooth and soulful sonics, makes him an outstanding artist to behold.

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