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Monday 2 August 2021



A fruitful career packed with hits, this release sees B Young take it up a level up as releases his debut album. ‘Differences’ demonstrates a wide range of different styles and influences throughout. He provides a hint of Afro-wave combined with his indulgent signature sound. 

2017 saw B Young came into the limelight succeeding a run of hits that led to viral recognition. The East London rapper, singer, songwriter is responsible for UK street anthems such as ‘Jumanji’ and the ‘079ME’. Crossing over the boarders of sounds, B Young combines afro wave and dancehall influences, and these 16 tracks incoming are the pinnacle of everything B Young has been refining.

Introducing the project and setting the landscape, ‘Justin Bieber’, comes with the soothing drum pattern and allows space for B Young to do what he does best. In the track, amidst the aurally perfect vocal melodies he pays homage to the likes of Ariana Grande, Wizkid and of course Justin Bieber.

Known for his picturesque visuals, B Young does not dissatisfy on this track. Set out in the desert featuring amazing views, top outfits from the singer and even camels. This video has really pushed boundaries with this incredible location. Combining with the tune to create a faultless final teaser for the arriving album.

Pleasing his fans from single ‘Come Alive’, full of summer vibes with a great impression from its release with 1.1 million views on YouTube and counting. The track witnesses his ability to write and perform an enduring hook. Switching from skippy tuneful rap to a more all-embracing singing elegance during the track, this vibrant approach, harmonised with the tender feel that B Young portrays, really expresses the distinctive talent at his disposal.

‘Distant’ takes us far away to the West Coast of Africa. B Young adopts an Afro Beat style on this track with a mythical xylophone and a limitless Saxophone. 

‘Juicy’ brings it down a notch with a lush guitar led beat which sees B Young deliver a seductive and delightful side to his character. Continuing with the same message, he angelically conveys a message to a romantic counterpart about putting their ‘Differences’ to the side.

In the next tune ‘Wet’ we see further evidence as to why B Young has had so many top hits as he pulls through with another skilled chorus once again. A more upbeat track on the album, ticking the energy box. ‘Save that s***’ has a different tone to the previous tracks with more attitude directed in his lyrics. Narrating his experience and picking himself up from a previous loss he took.

It is starting to feel like ‘Lightwork’ for B Young, with a bag full of highly listenable melodies and many ways of portraying them. The beat is minimalistic with a rhythmic piano layered next to his operatic and nuanced vocals. Remaining cohesive, ‘Fondue’ is inviting with an indulging concept on the song.

‘You Feel Me’ has a strong message that is crucial for B Young to reveal. Talking about his upbringing and having to resist the temptation of going down the wrong path. It has a warming feeling and is a pivotal indication of B Youngs talent, telling his story surrounded by a highly listenable track. The vibe rises again for the next section of the listeners journey, ironically ‘Chill’ is percussion soaked to the core and pays witness to inventive and complex flows.

Taking it to the streets with ‘Flex’, it is accompanied by a riveting synth based instrumental and shows solid bars with less melodies from the East Londoner. The Hi-Hats take an increase in pace as the listener is blessed with ‘R&Drill’. A hybrid of R&B and UK Drill, B Young is breaking boundaries and crossing genres with this harmonious tune.

One from the heart, ‘Right Now’ is touching and unique. Just involving B Young and a guitar, both remaining harmonically rich from start to finish. Hard hitting drums reverberate in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ accompanied by a hypnotic piano synth working with the tight rhythm. Closing B Young’s project in style on track number 16, ‘Living Easy’ is a chance to reflect on how his life is now and showing gratitude to his position. A finely calibrated way to end a focussed and progressive project.

Now the door has opened to the artistic world of albums, B Young is set to grow further and top his previous accolades. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone which has helped the accumulation of 300+ million views and streams across all platforms, he is already in a prominent position in the UK scene. A true pioneer for melodic rap in the UK and he is innovating once again with this visionary album.


B YOUNG – DIFFERENCES [Download/Stream]




1. Justin Bieber

2. Distant

3. Come Alive

4. Juicy

5. Differences

6. Wet

7. Save That S***

8. Lightwork

9. Fondue

10. You Feel Me

11. Chill

12. Flex

13. R&Drill

14. Right Now

15. Eyes Wide Shut

16. Living Easy

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