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Monday 2 August 2021

MUSIC VIDEO: Skepta Feat. J Balvin - Nirvana


SKEPTA - returns with a brand new five track EP. Titled 'All In', the EP is SKEPTA’s first solo release since 2019’s acclaimed Ignorance Is Bliss album. 

Track-list Below - 

1. Bellator
2. Peace of Mind (feat.Teezee & Kid Cudi)
3. Nirvana (feat. J Balvin)
4. Lit Like This
5. Eyes on Me

The EP title is inspired by SKEPTA’s newfound love of poker, a game which he sees as a metaphor for life itself (“you can be dealt good cards or bad cards, but if you don’t get good cards you can still bluff, hustle and win… you learn when to play aggressive or when to hold back and chill”). 'All In' sees SKEPTA putting everything on the line across five tracks that contain an album’s worth of quality. 

#SKEPTA #ALLin #BoyBetterKnow

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