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Friday 11 November 2022

MUSIC: Legendary South African DJ Da Capo releases new single 'Better' Feat. Jethro Tait



One of South Africa’s legendary house DJs is back, this time with a nostalgic single titled ‘Better’, in collaboration with Jethro Tait - out now on all platforms.

From a long hiatus to touring all over the world throughout 2022, South Africans and the world, welcome the grand return of one of the best producers and DJs of our time. Da Capo’s ‘Better’ is destined to be your summer staple on your playlist, with a sound and vocals that take you back in time.

“‘Better’ is a feel-good, motivational song. It’s not a love song but a message to anyone who has actually had an impact in changing one’s life in any circumstances, but most importantly when they are going thought the most, just like myself - I believe I make people feel better through my music,” says Da Capo.

‘Better’ is a chilled summer single with a deeper meaning in the lyrics. “We never know the struggles the person next to us is going through. Sometimes we might try to open up to the people in our lives but they don’t always understand or properly listen to what we’re going through,” says collaborator Jethro Tait, “The lyrics of the song speak about finding that one person who makes the tough times more bearable, someone who makes everything feel better,” says Tait.

“Da Capo and I connected over WhatsApp in the beginning of lockdown and ended up writing this song. It’s been over 2 years in the making and I’m so happy it’s finally out for everyone to hear! I’ve been a fan of Da Capo’s for years now and I feel super privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him on this song,” adds Tait.

The award-winning South African DJ and producer has been touring extensively abroad, and is fresh off of a South African Music Award win for Remix of the Year for ‘Uhuru’, in collaboration with Sun-El Musician and Azana.

Are we on the road to another, long-awaited Da Capo album? Only time will tell, but the thought alone excites us.

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